Say hello to Massan.

As easy as having wings. Massan is a panel specifically designed for pilots, made for flying, in order to help you to find your way everywhere on Earth.
A panel designed to answer your questions during flight, even before asking them.

Airport data

The entire world a fingertip away.

Every airport, every runway and, in Italy, every landing strip is just a fingertip away.
Massan knows all the world’s airports, and for Italy, all the landing strips and landing fields.

Just one map

For every airports’ runways the visualization of the map is exactly like on the paper’s one: everything is right there for a quick overview.

Concrete or grass, there’s a difference.

The runway will be visualized according to the different surface you’ll be facing: concrete or grass. Approaching a new airport will be just easier.

Look ahead.

During the flight the runway’s information will be updated according to your heading. Therefore once landed, the runway will be exactly as showed on Massan.

Runway 13 left, it’s easy.

While approaching the runway, once known the available one, click on heading runway in order to choose the downwind and visualize it according to your heading.
Massan will suggest you the correct positioning letting you free to enjoy the breathtaking landscape during the approach.

Meters or feet? It doesn’t matter.

Every measurement scale on your panel can change in the blink of an eye, and be set as a favorite.

To see all the runways you’ll just need a touch.

If the airport hasn’t got any runways scroll with your finger on the panel and choose your own – always oriented as your heading.

Radio? Same story.

Scroll on the panel to see every available radio frequency. But the radio call is up to you.

Look at the wind.

Wind can help you flying but can be dangerous as well. Take a note on the wind’s direction, so that you’ll be able to visualize it on your runway and land completely safely.

Take a look around, before being around.

Once the airport is selected Massan is able to show you its map and where is located according to your actual position, minute by minute.
You’ll be able to choose between a schematic visualization or satellite views, thanks to GoogleMaps*.

Flight plan

Navigate full screen.

Navigation will be full screen. Every menu, button or choice will appear only when necessary.

Choose your look

While planning your flight you will be able to choose your favorite visualization: satellite, street, topographic view. Every map will be available in any case even during fight.

Choose your flight plan, in a second.

Every flight plan will be loaded in seconds, so that you can choose them by the icon, by taking back points or directly full screen one by one..

Turn it with a fingertip.

Handling the flight plans has never been so easy: a fingertip and you can reverse them

Draw your own route.

Choose your taking back point by touching them one by one, Massan will show you immediately route and distances.

Choose the unknown.

If point is not included in the database you can upload it and, if you’re connected to internet, Massan will provide you the address of the chosen point, without any effort coming directly from you.

Seek a sunny place.

While planning your route keep an eye on the weather forecasts: a simple touch and you’ll know if it’s going to be a sunny day or not.


Travel more: it’s fun!

The navigation’s interface is designed to be simple. Breathtaking landscapes are outside the cockpit, not within. Massan will keep track of the route and in a second you’ll find out where you are and where you’re heading to.

Every point is important.

While cruising each point of the activated flight plan will be highlighted, in order to see as quick as possible, what Massan is keeping under control.

Never lost.

While you’ll be taking care of piloting your plane, Massan will be looking for the closest point and will highlight it for you. In case of an airport, Massan will provide you its current frequency.

Measurements are nothing.

While cruising, in real-time, it’s possible to set every measurement units simply by touching them. You can switch between KM an NM in seconds and how many times you wish. Massan will remember every step in order to provide you the same settings in your future flights.

Focus on flight.

Look outside your window and focus on piloting, Massan will visualize the information full screen: mistakes will be minimized.

Track your flights.

Massan will take note of your take off and your landing. In order of compile your flightbook once landed you’ll just need to take a look at the screen, without checking any entries.

Go To

Straight to the point.

Anytime during flight is possible to select a point on the screen in order to set it as GOTO.

Touch everything.

Every airport in the database can be set as GOTO, touch it.

Don’t waste your time.

If the point you’d like to reach is not included in Massan database select with your fingertip where you’d like to go and the point will be automatically activated. Ad if you want to move it, just move it.


Stay connected.

Often we need to take notes, carry maps and documents that are relevant for the flight. You can transfer all these information on Massan and recall them every time you’ll need them. All in one device.

Take it easy.

In order to transfer data on you panel you don’t need any additional software but just an internet connection and a computer with a web browser.
Connect on Massan address and transfer each file, wherever you are.

Usual note, all in one device.

Every map, procedure, or archived document will be available in a touch, full-screen, ready to be used. Wherever you’ll be.

Maximize details.

If your document is a PDF, Massan will visualize it at high resolution, and you’ll be able to zoom in without any loss of sharpness. This is a very important feature with complex maps: being quick is a skill that can’t be missed while piloting a plane.

Multiple-page PDFs.

If your document will be a multiple-page pdf, arrows will be visualized to browse through the file. If the panel will be placed on your lap, the arrows will be oriented according to the handle. And ith the other hand you’ll keep cruising without issues.


Write without ink.

During the flight you may want to take notes about numbers or frequences: just add a page and write.

your’s map.

Add a page and for every airport draw your own map and your approaching and taking off notes. Simply by using your fingertip.

  1. * In order to see the updated map you’ll need an internet connection – some of the images will be memorized in order to be used off-line.